Our Programs

¡Aprendamos Juntos! Clases de inglés para padres y apoyo académico para niños de 2 años de edad hasta el 8vo grado. 

Todos los lunes y miércoles de 6pm-8pm Llame al 206-920-4855. 

Para Los Niños builds a healthy community, with a focus on Latino immigrants. It supports holistic, family-based educational opportunities and builds lasting community networks.

Aprendamos Juntos / Let's Learn Together

Aprendamos Juntos (Let's Learn Together) integrates child and parent learning to boost academic success, build children's emotional development, and support parenting. OSPI standards are incorporated into the school readiness component. The program involves two sessions, which meet weekly during the school year. It is offered at Hilltop Elementary School and is run in partnership with the Highline School District and Highline Community College. The program divides participants into four groups: very early years, pre-kindergarten, school-age, and parents (focusing on ESL and skills for navigating the school system).

Descubriendo Nuestra Cultura / Discovering Our Culture

Descubriendo Nuestra Cultura / Discovering Our Culture is a summer program for low-income children (pre-kindergarten to eighth grade) from Latin American immigrant families.

The program is led by bilingual and bicultural Spanish teachers who educate children on the Spanish language and Latin American history and culture.

Around the World

Alrededor del Mundo/Around the World is a culturally-aligned summer education program for low-income Latino children.

Parents Leadership Academy

 Parents Leadership Academy is a year-long investment in the leadership development, confidence, skills, and civic engagement of Latino parents.